Restaurant Week 2014 Kicks Off This Weekend



Foodies, friends and travelers , it’s that time again when the restaurants around Jamaica pull out all the stops to create the annual gastronomic fair that is Restaurant Week .  From November 14-22, over 60 restaurants in 3 cities will showcase world class culinary delights to seduce the palettes of foodies across the island.

Crab cake w remoulade at Tapenade

Restaurant goers will get to choose from five major price categories Epicurean, DelectableSavory and Tasty in addition to  Nyam & Scram which offers delectable lunch options at a 30% discount.

#15 Star-3569

It’s the perfect time to experience the best of the local and international cuisines that the island has to offer. Perhaps there’s a restaurant that you’ve been dying to go to or a new spot that others have been raving about. Take time to connect with friends , family and loved ones with good food, fine wine and economic prices. Where will you be dining this year?

Is there a Restaurant Week in your city/country? Hit me up on Facebook or Twitter share your dining experiences or favorite foods.


Janeen is a Travel Writer based in Kingston, Jamaica. Her work has been published in the UK, Germany and Jamaica as well as various online publications. She is also a contributing writer to Our Jamaica Magazine, the official guide for the Jamaica Hotel & Tourist Association. Follow her @drylandtourist

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  1. Tysheena says:

    I love restaurant week. Mine is in January and it is for 11 days. My favorites are mainly rice dishes and a variety of desserts. I love restaurant week.

    • dryland says:

      Dessert is my favorite part too. I always choose the restaurant I want to go to based on how good the dessert options are. I also love a good crab cake 🙂

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