Let’s Save Winnifred Beach !

surfers at Boston Bay, another beach in Portland

surfers at Boston Bay, another beach in Portland

I fell in love the first time I visited Portland, Jamaica. The verdant countryside, enchanting waterfalls and rivers constantly had me in awe. Its laid back vibes and natural beauty captivated my heart and I instantly knew it would not be my last visit. The area has some of , if not the most beautiful beaches in Jamaica, most of which are privately owned.

Winnifred Beach

Winnifred Beach

Winnifred Beach is one of the few remaining public beaches in the area. The locals not only enjoy it , they ensure that it is well kept . There are many vendors along the beach , selling food or craft items to visitors but the atmosphere is never one where people are harassed. It is said that the beach was gifted to the people  of Portland by its last owner. There has however been an ongoing fight between the government and the residents over its privatization.

Mikuzi , Charming cottage close to Winifred Beach

Mikuzi , Charming cottage close to Winifred Beach

I am a big supporter of tourism that balances the lives of locals, contributes to the community and that is not entirely about profit. The beach is important to the people in the area as well as the thousands of visitors over the years, myself included.

Check out the website to learn more about their cause and hear testimonies of persons from the community. You do not have to donate money but signing the petition may help to keep Winnifred Beach free for all to enjoy.

The Dryland Tourist fully endorses and supports this cause and would appreciate if my readers would lend their support to the people of Portland, Jamaica. Click here if you’d like to sign the petition. One Love!




Janeen is a Travel Writer based in Kingston, Jamaica. Her work has been published in the UK, Germany and Jamaica as well as various online publications. She is also a contributing writer to Our Jamaica Magazine, the official guide for the Jamaica Hotel & Tourist Association. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook @thedrylandtourist

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