Happy 51st Jamaica! 0

Happy 51st Jamaica!

Today as Jamaica celebrates 51 years of Independence I want to express my thoughts and wishes for my country. My blog expresses a general love and appreciation for all things travel but a lot...

Do You Remember Your First Time? 2

Do You Remember Your First Time?

Do you remember your first time? The anxiety, butterflies in your stomach, that gut feeling that your life would never be the same again? No matter how ready you think you are,nothing quite prepares...

Heat Waves Got You Bothered? Find a Fall! 0

Heat Waves Got You Bothered? Find a Fall!

With record heat waves across the UK and US , people are rushing to their nearest pool or beach this summer. Even with a year round tropical climate people in the Caribbean are also...


Let’s Save Winnifred Beach !

I fell in love the first time I visited Portland, Jamaica. The verdant countryside, enchanting waterfalls and rivers constantly had me in awe. Its laid back vibes and natural beauty captivated my heart and I...

Seeking the Real Jamaica? Look No Further Than Public Transport. 0

Seeking the Real Jamaica? Look No Further Than Public Transport.

This video was made in the 1980s and to date , no truer account of public transportation in Jamaica has been made. There are still many Jamaicans surprised to see foreigners who choose to...

Let the Summer Begin 0

Let the Summer Begin

I’ve been hitting the books so I know I’m a little late but I’m officially launching my summer now. I live in a ¬†tropical country where technically it is summer all year round (...


Weaving Dreams

  I saw this piece at the National Gallery and was extremely fascinated with it. It’s been almost a month and I keep looking back at the pictures . The piece is called Dream...


Smile for Me Jamaica

Chronixx is undoubtedly one of the hottest young artistes coming out of Jamaica, at just 20 years old he epitomizes positivity and musical genius. If you’ve never heard of him check him out. Jamaica’s...

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