When Jamaicans Travel!


There are some stereotypes that are inescapable. When traveling it is usually easy to identify Jamaicans in the airport, just check the people with the biggest or most pieces of luggage. This video is a comical journey down memory lane. It is a scene from a popular Jamaican TV series of the 90s, Oliver at Large. The actor, and one of Jamaica’s most celebrated comedians Oliver Samuels paints a colorful but often true pictures of Jamaicans when traveling, well he probably exaggerates a bit. Some of the language may not be easily understood as it is in patois, the local dialect.
In the scene Oliver tries to check in for his flight but his luggage is way over the allowed limit. Not wanting to leave the ackee , breadfruit and all the delicious Jamaican food behind , he proceeds to beg other travelers to check in a piece of his luggage for him claiming it is for his sick grandmother.
It is customary to take Jamaican food for your family and friends overseas who often miss the taste of local food. In my own travels I have often been asked by immigration officers if I don’t have ackee , yam or rum to declare as it is expected of a Jamaican to carry food overseas.
What are your must haves when you travel?
Next time you travel remember this video and see if you can spot the Jamaican. Have a great day.

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