Working, Touring , Tweaking (Not Twerking) but I’m Back!

Centennial Park , Atlanta, Georgia



Welcome to all my new subscribers and a big shout out to my faithful followers. I have been MIA for a minute but I assure you it has been with good reason. A few months in “real life” is an eternity in cyber-land.

As you may have noticed I have been messing around with my blog, I am definitely not a techie but I’m slowly feeling my way around WordPress. I still have to tweak the site a bit but I couldn’t go another day without giving a quick update.

There has been a lot happening in my world but despite how busy I find time to maintain my maintain my “Drylan’ Tourist reputation”. I may not have kept you up to date with my movements but rest assured that there are some exciting blogs for you in the not so distance future, especially for those who have been wanting their Jamaica fix.

The Dryland Tourist is now on twitter so don’t forget to follow me there @_drylandtourist and subscribe to keep up to date with all my posts. I love it when my readers reach out so please keep the comments, emails and tweets coming. Stay Awesome!

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