Throwback Thursdays: Wild Gilbert ,25 Years Later.

September 12, 1988 Hurricane Gilbert devastated the island of Jamaica leaving hundreds of people homeless more than 40 people dead. Though I was very young I have memories peering through my living room window, as huge trees fell to the ground like tiny shrubs and people running in the midst of the storm after loosing the roofs of their houses. A more pleasant memory I have is that of helping my mother make donuts because there was a shortage of bread and other baked goods for weeks. She fried them on a kerosene oil stove and I  coated them by shaking the hot donuts in a brown paper bag of sugar.
On this the 25th Anniversary of Hurricane Gilbert , a sad event for many Jamaicans I am highlighting this song by Lovindeer which is a very comical and lighthearted portrayal of the disaster. This song shows how Jamaicans always smile in the face of adversity. No matter how grave the situation we find a way to laugh and move on.
Have you ever experienced a hurricane or any another natural disaster? Share your stories of how you got through it.


  1. Trish McFarlane
    September 12, 2013 / 1:29 am

    Can’t forget Gilbert at all …I was young but the memories of satellite dishes flying(as a child)was a mixture of excitement & terror…then no electricity or running water for WEEKS was the harsh reality of such a disaster;Although that was the least as some lost homes and loved ones…I still know all the words to Lovindeer’s song!…lol …and YES,we were all “filled with bully beef!”….lol

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