Great Huts-Discover Paradise On The Edge

When looking to escape the hustle and bustle of your daily life, most places pale in comparison to Portland, Jamaica. Despite being the birthplace of Jamaica’s tourism, the parish is still amongst the least discovered areas of Jamaica. It’s a place where schedules don’t exist because time often stands still. Problems seem miniscule when faced with blue-green vistas of mountains merging with the ocean. Portland offers a glimpse of “the real Jamaica” that many travellers seek. It is filled with untold secrets and scattered with beautiful gems awaiting discovery, one such being Great Huts Resort.

African Sunrise Hut . Photo by The Dryland Tourist

African Sunrise Hut .
Photo by The Dryland Tourist

If your view of a resort vacation is limited to the luxury all-inclusive resorts featured in commercials, then you best keep scrolling in another direction. Great Huts is for the adventure seeking traveller who loves the thrill of living life on the edge… literally!


Photo From Great Huts

Unlocking the bamboo gate at the entrance of the eco-resort is like opening a portal to another realm. Great Huts Resort is the jungle interspersed with African style huts perched on the edge of a cliff with a panoramic view of Boston Bay.


Photo From Great Huts

The property is a haven for nature, art and yoga lovers. They have various cultural programs designed to educate guests about the history of the island and integrate them into Jamaican culture.

Photo from Great Huts

Photo from Great Huts


Photo From Great Huts

Spend your days exploring beautiful Port Antonio, surf by Boston Beach, go rafting on the Blue Lagoon or swimming at Reach Falls or any one of the many beaches in the area.

Boston Bay Pic by The Dryland Tourist

Boston Bay
Pic by The Dryland Tourist

Each hut is uniquely designed and is primarily built with bamboo, straw or stones with sand or gravel floors. Some huts are outfitted with King and Queen Sized beds and private Jacuzzis or soaking tubs. Others have shared bathrooms with outdoor showers.

Photo from Great Huts

Photo from Great Huts

Photo from Great Huts

Photo from Great Huts

There is something magical about showering under the open sky with parrots squawking in the distance with faint sounds of waves crashing against rocks.


Hut prices range from US$35 for a single person hut and up to US$ 254 for a more sophisticated hut for two. The largest hut can accommodate up to eight persons. Prices also include breakfast.

Volunteer Opportunities at Great Huts

Great Huts Resort strives to be a socially responsible organization. Dr. Paul Rhodes, the proprietor and property designer is also the cofounder of Portland Rehabilitation Management Shelter, a NGO that serves homeless and mentally challenged residents of the area. Great Huts encourage and facilitate volunteerism among its guest. For volunteer opportunities you can check out PRM’s website.

If you’re looking for a once in a lifetime experience or one of a kind vacation then definitely consider staying there. Getting to the resort is an adventure within itself but it is located on the same road of the Boston Jerk Centre and next door Boston Bay Beach. Happy Travels!

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