What Are Your Travel Goals For 2017 ?

Have you set any  travel goals for 2017 ? Maybe you want to go overseas , or see more of Jamaica if you’re a local. It’s quite possible that you’re dusting off your 2016 bucket list and hoping that this year is the year that you will get to tick off a few items.


Travel doesn’t necessarily mean going overseas. It can simply mean dining in a new restaurant , hiking an unfamiliar trail or even visiting an attraction that you’ve never been to before . The destination irrelevant, what matters most is that the experience is unique to you and it makes you happy.

For 2017 , I have a few goals of my own , three of which are travel related so , here we go !

Visit At Least One New Country

Photo by Pablo Garcia Saldaña

Acapulco, Mexico. Photo by Pablo Garcia Saldaña

I have traveled to various countries in the past, however in recent years my travel has been limited to the USA and Jamaica. Yes I do count Jamaica because living in a country does not necessarily mean that you have traveled throughout the country. This year I want to visit at least one new country. At the moment, the Cayman Islands, Cuba and  Mexico are at the top of my list . If I can make it to more than one that would be amazing . All three countries are not too far from Jamaica and except for for the Cayman Islands there are no major visa requirements for Jamaicans.

Get Published in An Inflight Magazine


Last Year I achieved a goal, that exceeded my imagination. I had not one but two articles accepted for a hotel publication. I am pleased to announce that I am a Contributor to the 2017 issue of  Our Jamaica Magazine . The Magazine is the official guide of the Jamaica Hotel & Tourist Association and will be circulated in over 20,000 hotel rooms in Jamaica. Being able to share to visitors and locals the things I enjoy about Jamaica has always been important to me. Most travel stories about Jamaica are often told by foreigners which is good in some ways but sometimes they miss the essence of our culture and the little things that make this island , special.

So this year going into 2018 I want to broaden my horizons and let the world know that Jamaica may be far from perfect but there is so much beauty to be found that goes way deeper than white sand beaches and picturesque mountains. It’s that natural mystic that Bob Marley famously sang about. This brings me to my third and most important travel goal for this year.

Getting Back to Basics with my Audience


In some ways I have neglected the core purpose of the Dryland Tourist. When I started the blog  ,I was jetting off on weekly adventures. On any given friday , it was me with a red backpack and a few friends in tow. Whilst exploring the island we met tons of different people seeking to explore Jamaica. I’ve had some of the most memorable experiences of my life, one that comes quickest to mind is Christmas sailing trip. There was nothing typical about spending Christmas on a boat, sailing from Montego Bay to Negril with 10 amazing strangers turned friends from countries as far as France and the Czech Republic.

Despite my less than impressive income from my 9-5 job, I managed to create the most memorable experiences, often for the price of food and bus fare. My dream was to share my Jamaica with local and travelers alike . I realized that a great deal of Jamaicans don’t really know Jamaica and rarely get to experience or enjoy their country in the way that I have. My mission was to encourage more Jamaicans to explore , no matter their budget. Fast Forward to the present, my weekend expeditions have somewhat declined but I still make it a point of duty to experience Jamaica as often as I can. The problem is that, I often get caught up living in the moment that I forget to share my amazing adventures.

Lime Cay, Kingston


A recent encounter with an airline employee at the airport in Kingston reminded me of  the reason I started blogging.  I overheard her telling her coworker she wished she was at the beach. I suggested that she take a trip to Lime Cay one day after work. Lime Cay is a small island off the coast of Port Royal.  It was her first time hearing of it despite working in close proximity to Port Royal. She appeared genuinely happy about the new found knowledge.  Too many of us miss out on beautiful experiences because we don’t know where to look.

I want to reconnect with you and in the process help you discover some of the things  that make Jamaica such a special place. Learn why Kingston is on the  New York Times’ list of destinations to visit this year, or why over 3 million people visit the island annually . Let’s make 2017 a year of adventures and taking time for the little things. Feel free to share your 2017 travel goals , I would love to hear them!




Janeen is a Travel Writer based in Kingston, Jamaica. Her work has been published in the UK, Germany and Jamaica as well as various online publications. She is also a contributing writer to Our Jamaica Magazine, the official guide for the Jamaica Hotel & Tourist Association. Follow her @drylandtourist

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