Throwback Thursdays: Peter Tosh says Legalize It ! What are your views?

There is no escaping the reputation that Jamaica has for growing herbs especially marijuana. What many foreigners fail to realize, is that marijuana is completely illegal in Jamaica and you can be arrested if found in possession.
For years many have advocated for the legalization of marijuana citing its many benefits. Many argue that the answer to Jamaica’s problem lies in the decriminalization of “ganja”.

Today’s Throwback Thursday highlight’s Peter Tosh , a former member of The Wailers, a group which consisted of Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer .
27 years after his passing , there are still debates about the pros and cons of legalizing Marijuana. Marijuana is legalized in some parts of the US for medicinal purposes , and cities like Amsterdam capitalize on Marijuana tourism.
Besides the obvious smoking of the plant the by products are numerous, hemp oil, jewelry , hair products, fabric etc.
In this live performance of “Bush Doctor ” in Sao Paolo, Brazil Tosh calls for the legalization of marijuana . Thirty years after this performance marijuana fields are being burnt down regularly in Jamaica . Legalize or Burn It ? What are your thoughts on the subject?


  1. September 19, 2013 / 9:42 pm

    I really don’t think Jamaicans should be harassed and penalized for possession of small amounts of marijuana. This causes major problems in society, I believe. On the other hand, I do worry about the health impacts of the drug being widely available and completely legal – and the effect on Jamaica’s development as a whole. I have heard/seen many examples of the devastating effect of the drug on mental health, especially among the youth. Just talk to a psychiatrist! Medicinal marijuana is another thing. I believe it should be allowed, but carefully regulated.

  2. September 20, 2013 / 12:33 am

    Like everything else in the country I don’t think we would handle the legalization properly . You would have people harassing the tourists with weed they do with craft items and other things. I am more interested in the by products of the plant and the industries that could emerge. Hemp makes top quality fabric. Don’t think Jamaica is ready.

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