Let the Summer Begin


Claiming My Summer

I’ve been hitting the books so I know I’m a little late but I’m officially launching my summer now. I live in a  tropical country where technically it is summer all year round ( sorry to my readers up north , i swear i’m not rubbing it in ) , but I still get excited during this season.I love that parties are in full swing, new dessert places pop up faster than you can say “ice-cream” and going to the beach every weekend is a necessity and not just the lifestyle of the young and carefree.

In Jamaica summer started off in style with Caribbean Fashion Week , the annual event on every fashionista’s social calender. Jamaica not only produces reggae superstars and world class athletes , it also harvests super models and does have an internationally respected fashion industry. If hobnobbing with celebrities and socialites is your thing then this would be your event or maybe you’re just fashion forward and want to check out the latest trends in beachwear or see Caribbean Haute Couture.

Music lovers, Reggae Sumfest is coming up, July 21-27. The event kicks of with a Beach party , followed by 3 nights of quality live entertainment of the highest standard, so if you’re in Jamaica , you may want to check that out.


Caution: Adventure Ahead !

Smirnoff Dream Weekend is another high profile event. Party animals, how about 6 days of non-stop drink inclusive parties in Negril ? .Yes in Jamaica a weekend is sometimes almost a week long. Rave into the wee hours of the  morning, pass out on the beach then back to your hotel for a change of outfit , maybe a meal then rinse and repeat x 6.

Personally I’m a fan of quieter pursuits, especially when off the beaten path. While I have no definite plans I know for sure  I will be doing a few things involving water , waterfalls, beach ,rivers , maybe a raft, mixed with a little travel, a concert here and there and a  few trips to the new frozen yogurt place near my house. Can you feel the awesomeness?

Never mind that someone I know has a special birthday this summer and that same someone has an article coming out in Germany soon (me me me ) , there are so many amazing things happening this summer.


Getting my beach on 🙂 !

Well if you still can’t feel the awesomeness and you happen to visit Jamaica anytime this summer here is something for you. I came across a wonderful blog with the best insider information of what is going on. Forget all the usual tourist traps (which are sometimes nice),the Bob Marley songs and the cheesy congo lines that hotel entertainment coordinators make you form while singing feeling hot hot hot. If that’s your idea of fun then no problem but if you want to know what Jamaicans really do for fun check out Where in Ja. It’s a comprehensive weekend guide that will have you wishing you could be in more places than one.  Can you feel the awesomeness now?

Even if you stay in your city ,try something new, declare this YOUR summer. YOLO! What fun things will you up to this summer? Drop me a few lines, I would love to hear  plans.

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