How Jamaica deals with Ebola

Ebola has been on the lips of everyone lately . The whole world is in a panic and rightly so because it is a life threatening disease . Everyone is confused as to how to deal with it , Jamaicans included , but like everything else we find ways to laugh in the toughest of times. IT and Fancy Cat , 2 local comedians decided to to a skit , to find out how people would react if they realized they came in contact with an Ebola victim. The actress goes about , interacting with people normally , until an Ambulance from the Health Department comes to retain her. People start scattering in the streets when they believe they had an Ebola patient in their midst. The comedian posing as the health worker manages to convince some people that they need to do some activity if they were within 5 feet of the victim. although this video is for laughs , it is highly likely that had it been a real situation , the same would have happened. Watch it for yourselves.

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  1. I love to watch Ity and Fancy cat on you tube. They are so funny. I agree that this is truly what the natural reaction would be. Thanks for posting this, it was a good laugh and very much needed.

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