Dryland Tourist  or as Jamaicans say Drylan’ Touris’  is a term often used to describe a person who behaves like a foreigner in their own country. Sometimes its the way you dress or if you are always up to some adventure. I have often been labeled a Drylan’ Touris’ because I love life and despite working 12 hour days my friends have the impression that I am always on  vacation. The truth is when I’m not on vacation I am planning my next one, so I have decided to embrace the title of “The Dryland Tourist”.

Over the last few years, I have helped scores of people  plan their Jamaica trips and I have also helped friends to plan their stay-cations (Vacations at home). The idea for the blog was born out of the fact that I was constantly sharing the same information with multiple people, so now I can direct them here. I also realized that most travel articles and blog posts about Jamaica are seldom written by locals.

The Dryland Tourist seeks to inspire you to explore Jamaica and to help you plan your next vacation or stay-cation. Who better to answer your questions about Jamaica than a well traveled local ? Join me as I share my adventures, favorite places, music, accommodation, food, events and unbiased views. Experience my Jamaica!

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  1. I will join you ;-), I travel when I can as well, I love st. Ann. I can’t wait to see your next post. You are AWESOME! !!

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